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Antonis Loizou & Associates is a company that always tries to be as updated as it can be in matters of properties and chartered surveying in Cyprus. Articles written are based on the knowledge of many years in the business. You can also have a look at our publications and important press releases.


Returns on Real Estate in Cyprus


Chinese Buyers & Others

During the initial post 2013 years, large scale investors, mainly from abroad, required a return of

What one must be careful with is the Chinese visa agencies which have been developed as estate agent



News & Exhibitions

Sales / Leads Coordinator in Limassol


Cyprus Property News: March 2017

Our Office is looking for a person for the sales /

Our monthly newsletter for March 2017



Questions & Answers

Cyprus Cost of Living


Inaccurate boundaries of property

You quote regularly dear Mr Loizou that Cyprus is

I have proof that the Official Record regarding th



Ελληνικά Αρθρα

Αποδώσεις από Ακίνητα


Ενοικιαζόμενες Κατοικίες & Φοροδιαφυγή

Οι αποδόσεις από τα Κυπριακά ακίνητα ήταν πάντοτε σε χαμηλά επίπεδα. Η απόδοση ενός ακινήτου αναφέρε

Μια και που είμαστε στην περίοδο της φοροδιαφυγής/αποφυγής, στον δικό μας τομέα υπάρχει μια τεράστια



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