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Over the last four decades, Antonis Loizou & Associates (ALA) has made its mark in the local property market with the delivery of an unparalleled client-centric service throughout Cyprus. This includes Project Management, Property Management and Real Estate Agency services to retail & corporate clients as well as institutional investors.

Today, ALA has a presence in all major cities across the island, making us one of the largest professional organisations in Cyprus. Our key offerings include the delivery of Property Management and Real Estate Agency services for a varied range of properties and Project Management services for the construction and real estate sectors.

The ALA management team is comprised of industry specialists with extensive experience in both the real estate and the construction industries. Together with our highly-skilled employees, we are able to provide a variety of specialist property consultancy services in Cyprus.

  • 40 years in Cyprus Real Estate
  • 15 Cyprus Estate Agents, 35 Staff Members in total
  • Experienced multilingual team
  • 5 offices in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Paralimni
  • Member of RICS, ETEK
  • Numerous online properties for sale or rent in Cyprus
  • Elite Property Management services including comprehensive marketing to find quality tenants, risk assessments, rent collections, property inspections, utility transfers and more.
  • Real Estate Agency services including promotion and advertising to attract suitable buyers or tenants and online tools using the My ALA account.
  • Project Management services on commercial and residential properties including project coordination & supervision, title deed issuance, turnkey solutions for renovations and more.
  • Property Investment services to real estate investors and developers. Our specialists take care of market analysis, due diligence, liquidity profiling, acquisition, digital and traditional property marketing, title deed issuance and more.
  • Powerful Market Intelligence analytics tools for investors. Our Real Estate Analytics platform, CEI (Cyprus Economic Intelligence), analyze the data and provide useful graphs and thermal maps.


Water Dams Explored

One of the many attractive features that Cyprus has, is that of the water dams which are scattered everywhere, especially in the Pafos and Limassol region.In addition to the human necessity of such water dams, they could be used for a variety of sports for which the dams are especially suitable, such as rowing, canoeing, small boat sailing, water ski training etc.Some of these dams are a beauty to the visitors eyes and as an example we point out the Xyliatos dam (near Nicosia) where forest trees and especially pines emerge through the water, the waterfall and with a footpath for all walks...

Water Dams Explored
Μυστικές Χρεώσεις;
Μυστικές Χρεώσεις;

Μυστικές Χρεώσεις;

Στις διάφορες φορολογίες που μας επιβάλλουν οι Δήμοι και άλλες Αρχές, διερωτόμαστε πως καταλήγουν στον συγκεκριμένο ποσό του φόρου. Τι μεθοδολογία χρησιμοποιούν, ποια τα δεδομένα κλπ. Και το περίεργο είναι ότι όταν ρωτήσει ο φορολογούμενος πως κατέληξε ο Δήμος π.χ....

Χρεώστε όπως θέλετε;
Χρεώστε όπως θέλετε;

Χρεώστε όπως θέλετε;

Αν και έχει καταργηθεί ο φόρος ακίνητης ιδιοκτησίας, τα δημοτικά τέλη ακόμη υπάρχουν. Τα τέλη αυτά βασίζονται πάνω στην εκτίμηση του Κτηματολογίου (με ημερομηνία εκτίμησης 1.1.2018). Η φορολογία αυτή των δημοτικών τελών υπολογίζεται το κόστος ως σύνολο και επί...


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