Small talk in the beach

Aug 26, 2020

From time to time we publish “entertaining” articles to amuse our readers and this is one of them, which falls within the spirit of summer holidays.

We hereby report on our own ears dropping while swimming on what other swimmers are discussing during their (mainly) group swim during the last 3 weeks.

• A group of swimmers were discussing on the negative returns that their deposits have and discussed that they are open to investments in real estate even for returns less than 2%. The discussion expanded to the uncertainty on the political situation and on the possible insurrection between Turkey and Greece, stating that it is safer to invest in Greece than Cyprus, since the Turks will not occupy Athens!!

• Another group discussed who is responsible for the repair of the roof insulation in an apartment building, the top floor or all the units, notwithstanding their floor level.

• Τhe estate agent of the group explained that VAT is not charged on old buildings/houses (thus saving 19% on the VAT) be it, he added that if VAT is paid there are no transfer fees. He suggested not to demolish old buildings even if they have no value but should be placed in the market for sale as is.

• We learned about the best hamburger place, at Ayia Napa hotel (6th floor) demand for which is so high, that one needs to book at least 7 days prior.

• We heard of two tavern places at Paralimni and Sotira villages of top quality and reasonable prices (fully quoted with comments).

• We heard of a “boutique” food store at Pernera, with the owner giving recipes on how to cook the shop’s most expensive meats, ranging from Argentinian T-bone, to angus steaks -Pricy suitable only for some.

• We learned that it was a mistake to subsidize business by the State depending on the volume of the turnover (i.e. over 25% reduction). The swimming friends agreed that the 25% reduction should reflect the profit and not the turnover reduction. “So, if a business makes a profit of €2.0 mil. instead of last year €3.0 mil. why should they get a subsidy they asked”.

• A group of educationists discussed that their union should ask on the continuation of distant/T.V. learning since they will get in this way added paid holidays.

• The discussion almost got heated between the swimming friends about jet skis/ speed boats sailing along the red balls, which protect the swimmers, but creating waves in an otherwise calm sea. Then one of them admitted that he liked this because his daughter was skiing, and he wanted to see her in action!!

• English speaking tourist was complaining on the cost of bottled water and pointed out that some of the brands bottle tap water – shocking – good to know.

• A group of couples were discussing what to do with their unmarried daughters and gave explanations that they (the daughters) get dressed provocatively in order to keep in with the competition and added “a good percentage of Cypriot men are married to foreign girls, others are mother boys (full details giving names etc. mind you) and another percentage are homosexuals. What are they do, they asked themselves.

• A plump person (judging for the size of his head) at Larnaca, was enthusiastic about his new diet, “where you do not eat anything for 16 hours continuously, but afterwards you can eat whatever you want and in good portions”. We like it and we will try it.

• A big worry was the increased fees by the British universities which over a period of 4 years will total an excess of €80.000 for the added charges. The discussion went on whether to choose the Danish English speaking universities, whereas the choice of the local universities was not on, indicating that most of the Cyprus universities, although they are English speaking, the students at the end had little knowledge of the language, since and lectures and tests are in the Greek/English mode – Shocking?

• We learned by an Israeli swimmer that Israel’s MP Netanyahu has the nickname Bibi – for his friends.

• A worrying time by a group of accountants discussing the situation regarding the new double taxation agreement with Russia. “Don’t worry”, the optimist of the group said, “it will not happen since the Russians have invested in Cyprus so much money, they will be the first to react!!”.

• A Pafian boat operator was almost crying due to the drop of business. After a while he forgot about his complains stating that “I have done very well over the recent years” and boosted how much properties he bought and “almost tax free”.

• What a Bonanza for our business a Polis restauranteur said. We had such a good 2-month period with local clients making as much as we did the whole of last year. Keep coming and the virus helped us he added jokingly.

• Shall we buy a house or an apartment a worried mother asked her friends for her son. “He is 32 years old and we can afford only an accommodation for €300.000. What shall we do she asked”. A member of the group replied, “do not rush, when he gets married he will get a dowry to go” (an old school person).

These and other small talks we picked up during our summer holiday and always bear in mind that “dropping ears” are heard by others.

An entertaining article in line with our summer holidays and we hope that it adds to your relaxation.


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