Market Intelligence – Real Estate Analytics with CEI

At ALA, we are cognisant of the invaluable insights that proper market research provides, particularly in the real estate sector

In order to attain this information, we utilise the services of Cyprus Economic Intelligence (CEI), an innovative online platform that analyses industry-related data and illustrates it using graphs and thermal maps.

statistical information

The statistical information and thermal maps provided by the platform can be further used to analyze or be linked to third-party data. Companies in possession of their own datasets regarding sales, clientele, etc., can also connect their databases to the CEI platform, as well as use tailored CEI tools to examine large amounts of information using the graphs or thermal maps provided by the platform.

fundamental principles

One of the fundamental principles that CEI’s Real Estate Analysis Module is based on is the significance of liquidity. The platform filters and records approximately 140k+ transactions and provides users of the system the ability to query data at municipality or community level by asset class or by price. This data is critical to be able to analyze market activity in specificity and determine the relative liquidity of assets.

More information about CEI Real Estate Analytics can be found here.


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