About us

Antonis Loizou & Associates Ltd, is a professional firm of Chartered Surveyors which was set up in 1980. The firm provides a range of services in the real estate field which are available either separately or in combination, so as, to precisely suit the client's particular needs.
Our Professional services include
Property Evaluation & Valuation
The evaluation and valuation of immovable property is one of the main businesses of the firm. Antonis Loizou & Associates undertakes the evaluation and valuation of all kinds of immovable property and the interests therein, for various purposes within Cyprus, although some work is also being undertaken abroad. We accredited valuers for financing institutions and the main valuers / property consultants for most of them. We estimated that we cover an extensive percentage of the total valuation work carried out by private firms. Our clients include local authorities, the Government, Municipalities, and private individuals.
Our work involves, in addition, valuations for finance, taxation, accounts private or public companies, divorce case (accepted by the UK. Courts), disputes and litigation, arbitration, estate/probate/compulsory acquisition rent control cases etc.
Property Consultancy
The Firm has extensive experience in Real Estate and connections with all the Estate agents in Cyprus and can offer consultancy services to individuals as well as large commercial and industrial concerns as well as to Developers.
Structural Building Survey
A very important survey for all property owners and especially for people that intend to buy second-hand property. This service is also important with property owners who have problems with their property such as wall cracks, roof problems, retaining walls, strength of columns due to age etc. In recent years this service has increased due to people’s awareness of the importance of this type of survey.
Project Management & Development Projects
The firm provides a comprehensive service in this field and projects range from the development of small houses and touristic projects, industrial estates, Bank offices, offices, hypermarkets, shopping centres and other large commercial projects, including hotels, developed as an investment and/or for sale.
Property Management & Management of Property Companies
The Firms deals extensively in the management of property. It is the appointed managers of various property companies, investment and property funds and it manages large building complexes.
Estate Agency ana Real Estate Sales
The Office deals extensively in the sale of properties which is under its own Management as well as other properties. The Office portfolio comprises of all types of properties and undertakes sales lettings, part exchange and it serves the whole island.
Property Development & Consulting
Our experience in the fields of property development, promotion and sales of property, valuations, taxation, financing, and project management provides us with the necessary background for giving advice on property development projects.
Professional Real Estate Service
Property investment in Cyprus has always been the largest single form of investment. Traditionally, the Cypriots tends to invest in property and with the downtrend of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (C.S.E.) have directed even more the attention of the investors towards property investment and development.
Education - Information Service
Another service provided by the firm is the provision of information through the publication of articles (approximately 150 articles per year in Greek and English) and other educational material, including lectures, panel discussions,which seek to expand the reader's knowledge on property matters in general.
Town Planning
Through its associate office, ALA Planning Partnership, the firm provides the full range of town planning services. It covers the procedure in securing a town planning permit, applications for deviation from the town planning plans, relaxation on regulations, town planning design, retail impact, environmental and traffic studies etc. Despite its young age (2002) this firm has been established as one of the largest and most professional Town Planning firm in Cyprus.