Property Consulting
Our experience in the fields of property development, promotion and sales of property, valuations, taxation, financing and project management provides us with the necessary background for giving advice on property development projects.
We use this experience for carrying out feasibility and viability studies for this purpose. Studies of such a nature are normally governed by the clients' brief as to their extent and nature, but they normally include the following:
  • Identification of alternative development schemes on the site
  • The ascertainment of the feasibility and viability of a project,
  • The risk factor and equity return,
  • The assessment of the required equity capital,
  • The amount/timing/cost of finance required,
  • Cash in/out flow projections,
  • Design briefings and the timing of a development,
  • The marketing of the project
  • Suggestions on the organization structure for the management of the project.
After reporting, the office is usually employed throughout the design stage either on a full or part time basis. Market preferences must be translated in design details and unnecessary costs avoided. Each type of property has a different market source and what is suitable in one case might not be in another. Keeping, therefore, a careful watch on the market during the implementation of a project is of atmost importance.